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JEN YIH. Every Day is Sunday is a young-adult coming of age story about three teenagers that have been estranged to the Northern California desert due to a series of natural catastrophic events. Luna, the main character, is a 13-year-old surfer girl from North Shore, O'ahu, Hawai'i. She, as well as thousands of others, have been flown to a natural disaster refugee camp called Consolation. Conditions are harsh in the desert with a limited supply of resources, information, and medicine. She befriends Jax, a boy from the Pacific Northwest and Hugo from Southern California. Together they will face love and loss, as they discover secrets that could result in life or death. 

Jen Yih is a writer and producer from Portland, Oregon, USA. She's been a writer since age 8 when she picked up her first journal and began to write stories, dreams, and reflections. She claims to have been documenting life since as far back as she can remember. Whether it be through words, photo, or film, she is passionate about finding and revealing the story behind all and everything. She studied Political Science with an emphasis in Philosophy, as well as Art and Economics, you will see her underlying social concerns come to life through her written work. A world-traveler and explorer, she not only writes about but lives the adventure. Instagram

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