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Editorial Services

At Aladdin Books we...

Maintain and take responsibility for managing relationships with publishers, editors, authors, company divisions (advertising and marketing), as well as with typesetters and printers.

Are responsive and flexible in our editorial and publishing support.

Collaborate and nurture partnerships with publishers, editors and ebook/app studios.

Understand print and digital technology on all aspects of the editorial and production process for both print, online and app/ebook.

For Publishers & App/Ebook Studios

Kids Marketing:

International marketing of children's books, digital apps and educational projects. Amongst our clients are big players such as Appgeneration, KLETT but also many small press publishers.

Literary Scouting Services:

Scouting for new talents and books which suit the editorial line of a particular publishing house.

Literary Reviews Services:

In depth critique & readers reports of already published books. Publishing houses considering the rights acquisition of a foreign book might find this service useful. Languages in which this service is offered: English, German, Spanish, French & Italian.

For Aspiring And Established Authors

Book Editing:

Line by line manuscript editing, same as above but focus on problems with each sentence or paragraph, detailed editorial suggestions.

Manuscript Critique:

Developmental editing: manuscript evaluation, recognizing and fixing problems of structure, plot, characterization, narrative flow, general editorial suggestions.

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